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Our History

  • In 2011, a research team in Japan began to conduct the researches, experiments and fermentations of various fungal strain. After almost 8 years, the team established applicable results in commercializing products about health care; rejuvenated living life; adjuvant therapy; food-be-thy-med diets etc,. 


In 2018, the founder Mr. Magami Kei established Gratia Bio Company Limited, he and his team aim on:

  1. Maintain the good quality of fungal strains passing down through the generations preserved by Gratia Bio
  2. Continuously upgrade the technology of fermentation to be perfection
  3. Integrate commercialized products into consumers’ life, improve human life thoroughly

Fungal strain, Fermentation, Commercialization are the goals of Gratia Bio.

Our Technology

  • The role of fungal strain acts like a “God Particle” which is the fundamental material of fermentation. The best quality of fungal strain will lead to the best quality of product.
  • Fermentation technology has long history in Japan and it covers over 90% products in Japanese’s life, for example, sake, sauce, foods and even some ingredients of cosmetic products may be made by fermentation too.
  • Fermentation technology is alike to traditional Chinese medication. A professional fermentation expert must require the similar technics of a Traditional Chinese Physician which those are observe, smell, question and analyze. They are crucial to manage the fermentation process.
  • Consequently, our Founder Mr. Magami Kei and his team wish to bring this spirit into production making excellent commercial products and spreading to the globe.

Our Service

We are Bio-tech company focusing on fermentation technology to produce different forms of raw materials to for health care products. We have a R&D  office in Japan, already accomplished certain projects and applied PCT worldwide patents.

We provide:


  1. Fermentation material - We own various fungal strains of Cordyceps that we provide Cordyceps powder.
  2. OEM - We provide OEM products of health care products by capsules, tablets, powder or liquid forms based on clients' requirements.
  3. ODM - We provide ODM products which the formula is formed by us for clients' brands.
  4. We have partnerships to several sizable factories in Japan and Taiwan to ensure the quality of products. 
  5. We provide flexibility to our clients that they can choose to have Made in Japan; Made in Hong Kong or Made in Taiwan. 


We have an e-shop to sell different health care products made in Japan. Feel free to browse our e-shop at and subscribe for our news.

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Unit 122, 1/F, Biotech Centre 2 (11W), No.11 Science Park West Avenue, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong


Gratia Bio Company Limited

Unit 122, 1/F, Biotech Centre 2 (11W), No.11 Science Park West Avenue, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

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Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays closed.

Contact Number: +852 23628166

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